The CATV POWER SUPPLY is a modern series of digital systems with increased safety factor. It is equipped with the Clear Digital Sinus (CDS) — system that generates output voltage with a pure sine wave during battery operation. The series was designed for CATV network users that face specific power supply conditions from mains. TV-LINE POWER SUPPLY is designed in Line Interactive technology. It is used for AC power supply of 60 VAC uninterruptible power supply devices. Possible system monitoring using CSM software through any web browser (TCP/IP, GSM).

InfoMac TV LINE 60 150 3Power Supply
TV-LINE 60/150
InfoMac tv line 250 3 Power Supply
TV-LINE 60/250-3
InfoMac tv line 600 2 Power Supply
TV-LINE 60/600-2
InfoMac tv line 48 60 100hePower Supply
TV-LINE 48-60/1000HE